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Enthrall Inc. Press Releases
Letter #1
St. Peter's Catholic School
4th grade teacher, Ted Wortman:


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful performance that you put on for my fourth grade class
during our last field trip. We all enjoyed the singing and dancing. As you know, the California Gold Rush
is part of the 4th grade curriculum. I loved the way that you included information about the Julian Gold Rush
in your play. It certainly enhances what we have learned in the classroom. I would certainly recommend
the play to other teachers.

Thank you again for the unexpected entertainment.

Ted Wortman
4th Grage Teacher
St. Peter's Catholic School
Fallbrook, CA

Letter #2
San Diego Public Library
California Room
Supervisor, special collections, Richard Crawford

Dear Celia have certainly consulted the right source materials. I particularly respect Fetzer as an authority on the have offered an intriguing "first-hand" look at local history. It's and excellent way to make history accessible to a wide range of audiences. Julian is known to most people for apple pies. Your play is an opportunity to bring the real history to light. I wish you well with it.
Richard Crawford

Letter #3
Julian Historical society

Dear Celia,
On behalf of the Julain Historical Society I want to thank you for being our special program for the Annual Membership Meeting and Picnic. You not only gave us musical entertainment but a Julian history lesson as well.

Here's wishing you the very best on luck with your "show"
Thank you again.
Jan Mattias

Letter #4
Richard Bailey, grandson of Dru Bailey, founder of Julian

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