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Donate a Fiddle Program to benefit:

KIPP / Adelante Preparatory Academy

KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy (KIPP Adelante) offers students and parents in Southeastern San Diego an alternative to the low-performing schools in their neighborhoods - a small, college-preparatory public school serving 360 students in grades five through eight.

Enthrall Inc. and KIPP Adelante have teamed together and are committed to creating a positive social change through music. KIPP Adelante have over 300 students and all are required to play a musical instrument. Through KIPP Adelante’s music and visual arts program, some students have discovered their natural talent, and others have found a new passion.

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Watch the 8th Grade Orchestra in action.

If you are interested in donating an instrument or would like to help support this program, please contact Celia Lawley at info@enthrallinc.org.

Enthrall works with an organization called: Community for Music in Our Schools. This organization repairs and distributes donated instruments to schools who are in need of all orchestra instruments.

For more information about KIPP Adelante, please go to their website. http://www.kippadelante.org/index.html



Fiddle donated to Kipp Adelante student by Celia Lawley and Hammond Ashley violins.

Enthrall's Donate A Fiddle Program is made possible by generous San Diegans who donate violins like this one pictured, which is being used by Kipp Adelante student, Leslie Birino.
We are committed to providing musical instruments for school programs.

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Donate A Fiddle