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Gold Hill Photo Gallery

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Celia and students from Sundance Elementary

Enthrall Staff & Volunteers

Gold Hill - color in the pan!

Gold Hill - mine tour at the stamp mill.

Gold Hill -mine tour inside.

Gold Hill climbing upstairs in the mine.

Gold Hill gold panning demonstration.

Gold Hill gold panning.

Gold hill in the mine.

Gold Hill inside the mine.

Gold Hill looking for the gold!

Gold Hill Lunch time music-Katherine Beck, guide.

Gold hill lunch time!

Gold hill mining tools.

Gold Hill musical -Banner waving time!

Gold Hill musical with the mandolin.

Gold Hill musical.

Gold Hill Pioneer museum visit.

Gold Hill reader's theater adult part reader.

Gold Hill reader's theater participants.

Gold Hill reader's theater time!

Gold Hill reader's theater-Dru Bailey picture.

Gold Hill reader's theater-students in 1890.

Gold hill stamp mill.

Gold Hill tour getting ready to go!

Gold Hill tour guide Susan Fowler.

Gold hill town tour Grosskopf house.

Gold Hill town tour Miner's Diner.

Gold hill walk around town site tour.

Gold Hill-finding gold!

Gold Hill-starting the Eagle mine tour.

Sundance 4th grade class, green and purple group.

Tour guide-John Raifsnider.
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